Brazil – Angelica Franca Capsules: Natural


Specialty biodegradable and compostable capsules. This natural brazilian coffee makes for a balance latte or a delicate espresso at home.

Producer: Angelica Franca

Region: Illicinea, Minas Gerais

Cupping Notes: Peaches, Hazelnuts and Caramel

Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Altitude: 1,100 – 1,320m

Located on the border of Sul De Minas and Cerrado is the mountainous region of Illicinea with farms at 1100M and 1320M, just before the land falls down the Cerro. This area is especially blessed with a microclimate, providing the ideal conditions for growing intriguing coffees.

Brazil Origin

About the Coffee

The coffee in this area is truly extraordinary thanks to the special characteristics of its soil. Which is known by the name of cambisol, where the rock is still turning into soil. This places its unique stress on the plants and ripening on the cherry resulting in this delicious coffee.

Previously, growers in these areas have had problems with strong winds that have devastated part of their crops, but thanks to invention and research, they have put systems in place to prevent damage and plant trees that help minimize the effect of the wind. The Illicinea area is still relatively new with regards to being regarded as a unique region and until recently the coffees were sold under the names of other regions. Now these farms are being recognized for the unique coffees they produce, both in relation to the region and to Brazil in general.
All the coffee in this small area is harvested by hand, then separated, and then dried in the yard for 7-10 days, depending on what is needed.

Angelica Franca belongs to a second generation of farmers dedicated to the cultivation of unique coffees and is part of the Cafeina Womens Coop  (Cocatrel). Cocatrel is dedicated to the production of coffee, and evaluates the best ways to manage existing and future coffee crops to attain specialty grade. It also conducts training and seminars to support the rest of the Producers in coffee production and promote their own learning and education.