Brazil Natural Landed Coffee 250g
Brazil – Fazenda Salto: Natural
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Brazil – Fazenda Salto: Natural


Cherry and Orange, with a smooth praline and milk chocolate finish.

Region: São Paulo
Producer: Fazenda Salto
Process: Natural
Cupping Notes: Cherries, Orange, Praline and Milk Chocolate
Variety: Yellow Bourbon
Altitude: 1,080 – 1,140m

Suitable for: Espresso, Moka Pot, French Press – Great on its own, even better with milk

brazil Pedro Branco

About the Coffee

Fazenda Salto has been a family of coffee producers for many generations, with Dr Fabio, a now retired Doctor as head of the family. His two sons Andre & Juca oversee the running of the farm, with his daughter running their on-site roastery.

With a staff of 35 employees, many of whom live, have grown up and work on Fazenda Salto, the Fazenda has a dedicated group with a rich knowledge of the land and plants.

The coffee is harvested mechanically, with the farm equipped with large drying patios, as well as 8 rotational and 8 static boxes for drying.

Once this Yellow Bourbon is harvested it is then placed in static boxes where the coffee is dried with for 12 hours using an anaerobic process as a pre-fermentation, after which cold air is then blown through the cherries for 4 days. After this it is the boxes are swapped over to be dried with warm air for a further 3 days. For the final drying phase, the coffee is exposed to alternate warm and cold air every 12 hours until it reaches the desired moisture level.


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