Ethiopia Washed Landed Coffee 250g
Ethiopia – Uraga Raro: Washed
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Ethiopia – Uraga Raro: Washed


Mango, Lime and Butterscone.

Region: Guji, Oromia
Producer: Various Smallholders
Farm/Lot: Uraga Raro Lot #1
Process: Washed
Cupping Notes: Mango, Lime and Butterscone
Variety: Heirloom Varietals
Altitude: 1,950m – 2,250m

Suitable for: Filter, Espresso, Moka Pot, French Press – Juicy with milk, amazing served without.

Ethiopia Origin

About the Coffee

The name of this lot derives from the location of the coffee grown: Uraga is a woreda, or district, in the Guji Zone of the Oromia region, and Raro is a town within it. This area is known for its ‘garden’ style of coffee farming, with 674 growers in the Raro Boda kebele (neighbourhood) contributing to this lot. Situated at 1,950-2,250masl, the farms benefit from a deep red, rich and fertile soil. The trees grown are a mixture of heirloom varieties such as Wolisho and Dega, as well as the Jimma Agricultural Research Center (JARC) chosen varieties 74110 and 74112, well known for their great cup quality. The consistently high elevations of Uraga, typically between 2,000 and 2,300masl, mean an almost unparalleled potential for quality in the country.

The Raro Boda washing station is owned and operated by Negusse Debela whose company, SNAP, took over management in 2019. It is situated at the peak of Uraga, at around 2,450masl. At this altitude above the coffee farms, the temperature is consistently cool, which allows the washed lots to dry slowly – from 10 to 14 days – resulting in a clean, clear taste and stable cup quality. Coffee fermentation here takes 72 hours.


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