Kenya – Wanjegi AA: Washed


Rhubarb and Raspberry, hint of Lemonade with a Brown Sugar Sweetness. Complex.

Region: Aberdare Range, Nyandarua County
Producer: Kahuhia Farmers Cooperative Society
Farm/Lot: Wanjegi AA
Process: Washed
Cupping Notes: Rhubarb and Raspberry, with a brown sugar sweetness and complex aftertaste
Variety: SL28 & 31
Altitude: 1,700m – 1,850m

Suitable for: Filter, Espresso, Moka Pot, French Press – Fresh with milk, amazing served without.

Ethiopia Origin

About the Coffee

The Kahuhia Farmers Cooperative Society has four wet mills, and was first registered under the Coop Act on 25th April 1959. Wenjegi is the name of one those wet mills.

Each wet mill is placed within an electoral zone/area, represented by the management committee who forms the Kahuhia board of directors. In addition, the society has a supervisory board of 3 members who checks the activities of the management committee.

The coop has 16 permanent staff and the Wanjengi wet mill has 1549 active members (1184 male, 362 female). It is located on the highly productive South-Western slopes of Mt Kenya and on the eastern slopes of the Abadares ranges.

The main crop is harvested in October through December and the Fly crop in April through June each year.